Ok – so, a warning that this post is a little ‘self-puffy’, but here it goes anyway!   Elate Communications has now been in business for just over four years, and we’re ‘elated’ with the success to date.  But, the journey is just starting …

We’ve had the pleasure to work with a quality selection of start-ups, midmarket and blue-chip clients across many technology and B2B sectors, from across the world.  We also work with great staff, and partners, who will go beyond the ‘call of duty’ for our clients, and the business – and for that we are very grateful.

We’re pleased with the progress made to date, but even more energised about the future.  Yes, there will be some political and business uncertainty, amidst a fast-evolving communications landscape, but that’s not unique.  We are cautiously optimistic that the future will be positive, for us and our clients.

Not wanting to sound too much like a ‘happy-clappy’ 1970s Coke Ad, we’ll continue to enthusiastically help our clients – and staff – grow and prosper.  As we grow, we recognise, too, that feedback from our community is essential. Therefore, we’re open to feedback, suggestions and future partnerships.   So, feel free to ping us. Let us know what you really think.

We’ve also updated our web site (www.elatecommunications.com) and we welcome your thoughts. And, if you want to meet up to discuss communications, marketing, business, politics, sport or whatever, we look forward to it.