Spring Cleaning Your Messaging

As a UK-based boutique virtual communications agency dedicated to helping tech businesses to grow and prosper, Elate understands the role of effective messaging, but here we want to re-emphasise the significance of messaging for ambitious and growing tech firms like yours.

As a global communications director, and previous Elate client, says:

“Your people are incredibly important, but your strategic messaging is one of the most important corporate assets you own. It defines what matters: who you are and the value you provide. Done properly, it puts you head and shoulders above the competition. If you’re not sure it’s 100% right, then don’t spend a penny more on communications until it’s nailed.”

“Messaging is the heartbeat of your brand, enabling meaningful connections with customers, prospects, partners, employees, investors and a myriad of influencers. It amplifies the value of your proposition, cultivates a quality reputation and secures your brand’s share of voice.”

As we hit mid-Spring (yes, isn’t 2023 flying!) we urge you to embrace the opportunity to refine or create compelling company and proposition messaging.

Here are a few questions to guide your messaging Spring Clean:
• Is your strategic messaging aligned with your brand, mission and vision?
• Is it overly complicated and can you sum up your value in seconds?
• Can the team roll off your top two-three strategic messages?
• Does it resonate with key buyers, influencers and vertical sectors?
• How does it play in your priority geographic markets?
• Are you leading key industry debates with a clear and authoritative voice?
• How does your story compare to key competitors?
• Do your messages include evidence or are they simply grandiose claims?
• When was the last time you refreshed and tested them?

If you want to discuss how we can assist with your communications programme or messaging, let us know.

Wishing you a season of productive Spring Cleaning!