Beyond Earned Media: Maximising PR Opportunities for Tech Brands in the UK & Europe

In an ever-evolving media environment, the landscape for tech brands seeking editorial exposure has over time become more challenging. While data indicates a decline in traditional media opportunities, the notion that securing quality earned media is unattainable is far from accurate. In fact, it’s still very possible, but the approach needs to be strategic, authentic and consistent. But, the decline in trade media does mean that PR pros need to work smarter and harder to connect with the right audience, by nurturing relationships and ensuring that stories and pitches are relevant and stand out.

While earned media relations still remains a cornerstone of many tech PR programmes, there are many more avenues, ideally part of a holistic plan, for tech businesses to consider as they seek to build mindshare, establish brand awareness, shorten the sales cycle and grow the business in the UK and Europe. 

Here are just five areas to consider:

Embrace Industry Analyst Relations: Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with industry analysts in the region remains important for tech firms, and is often under-valued. Analysts hold substantial influence and should not be overlooked in driving a successful European comms programme.

Website Refresh and Content: From blogs to case studies to executive profiles, a company’s website still serves as that front-door for your stakeholders’ enquiries. Does it needs an overhaul, refresh or a content update? It should not only effectively represent the brand but also reflect your agreed messaging, by providing valuable insights about your offer and what you stand for, within the context of the wider competitive landscape.

SEO Strategy: An effective search engine optimisation strategy is key in ensuring that well-crafted and educational website content receives the visibility it deserves. Maximising your approach to SEO is essential to providing exposure and amplifying your online presence. So, how confident are you that your strategy is correct and robust?

Social Media Focus: In today’s multi-channel era, a robust social media presence (organic and paid) is of course indispensable in supporting your comms goals. Consistent, on-message postings play a pivotal role in highlighting the various parts of your company, your executive team, your proposition, what the business stands for and what value you distinctly provide. Do you need to step back, and ensure that your messaging and social media content plan is on-point?

Maximise Events: Consider re-evaluating your event strategy, and upping the quantity and/or quality of the more Intimate networking-based events. Maximise your efforts by partnering with relevant media outlets, and include industry influencers to add that market validation and objective perspective. Executed well, events will provide valuable opportunities to engage with key audience targets on a personal level, improve brand recognition and help cultivate more meaningful sales relationships.

In summary, building and maintaining a positive profile and reputation goes far beyond obtaining a favourable media profile; it’s about leveraging a broad spectrum of PR activities to support sustainable brand recognition and business growth.

So, do you want to discuss how best to bolster your comms programme?

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