It’s Time for a Messaging Spring Clean

In London, it’s still ‘brass monkey’ weather (very cold) out there, but Spring is now on us!   

This is the time to create, upscale or refine your company and proposition messaging. 

 It’s time for that messaging spring clean! 


Clear messaging is essential for tech firms as it underpins key aspects of the growth strategy, including communications, brand building, customer acquisition and retention, market positioning and investor relations. A well-crafted and consistently executed messaging strategy will contribute to the success and expansion of your tech firm. 

As a global communications director, and previous Elate client, says: 

“Your strategic messaging is one of the most important corporate assets you own. It defines what matters: who you are and the value you provide. Done properly, it puts you head and shoulders above the competition. If you’re not sure it’s 100% right, then don’t spend a penny more on communications until it’s nailed.”

“Messaging is the heartbeat of your brand, enabling meaningful connections with customers, prospects, partners, employees, investors and a myriad of influencers. It amplifies the value of your proposition, cultivates a quality reputation and builds your brand’s share of voice.”

Here are a few questions to guide your messaging Spring Clean: 

  • Is your corporate and product messaging aligned with your brand, mission and vision? 
  • Is it overly complicated and can you sum up your value in seconds?
  • Can the team roll off their tongues your top three strategic messages?
  • Do they resonate with your key target audiences? 
  • How does it play in your priority geographic and vertical markets? 
  • Are you leading key industry debates with a clear and authoritative voice? 
  • How does your story compare to key competitors? 
  • Do your messages include evidence or are they simply grandiose claims? 
  • When was the last time you refreshed and tested them? 

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