Explaining Complex Technology Simply and Visually

As we power ahead into 2024, a key challenge for B2B tech companies, within this ever-evolving communications environment, is describing often complex products and propositions both simply and clearly – and helping your story more effectively ‘land’ with your time-poor target audience.

Technical jargon and abstract concepts often leave existing and prospective customers (and the media) confused and disengaged, so do you need to consider how to communicate certain ideas differently?

Here are just six areas to consider > which are also referenced in our free 12-Point Guide To Effective Communications in 2024 and beyond.

Define Crisp Messaging
Focus on bringing clarity to confusion. Take the time to workshop your key messages, so that even the most complicated tech can be articulated into compelling messages, with the associated evidence, that really resonates.

Leverage Storytelling
Turn benefits into stories. Anecdotes and case studies with relatable characters are more persuasive than specs alone. Use analogies and comparisons to bring concepts to life.

Focus on Real-World Benefits
At the highest level, try to avoid features and functions. Show how your technology solves specific pain points and delivers tangible business outcomes that organisations care about.

Bring Data to Life Visually
Aim to turn complex data into intuitive charts, graphs, and infographics that demonstrate value at a glance. Visuals make concepts and messages more memorable.

Develop Video Demos and Animations
Videos and animated explainers show your technology in action and its advantages. Seeing or hearing something will often be more impactful for a busy audience.  

Train Executives as Evangelists
Equip the leadership team and subject matter experts with the right attitude, insights, confidence and teachable skills to convey messages in conversational but impactful language, appropriate for the audience. 

In summary, the most brilliant technology solution means nothing if potential buyers don’t understand its value. Let Elate Communications help turn your complex technology into compelling messaging that sells. We enable tech firms to explain innovations clearly and visually to accelerate the sales process.

Much of the above (and more) are available in our free 12-Point Guide to Effective Communications in 2024 and beyond, which you can download here. And, feel free to book a short intro strategy call to discuss your communications needs in 2024.

As a reminder, Elate Communications is a UK based virtual comms agency focused on supporting US, British and global tech firms to grow and prosper.