Four Tips To Cut Through In A Noisy Tech Marketplace

Getting noticed (by the right people) is a constant challenge for many B2B tech brands, as buyers are inundated with vendor content hitting them across multiple channels. Earning attention from your audience only grows more difficult as markets become saturated, with interconnected multiple messages from vendors pushing their wares.

Big stunt approaches may have some impact with buyers, but slow and steady over time normally wins the race.  Consistency and longevity is key for ambitious tech firms looking to stand out.  So, with the right positioning and smart outreach, your brand can capture the mindshare it needs, even in the most crowded sectors.

Here are just four tips to consider:

Define Your Niche & Message

Rather than copying competitors, find your unique angle in the market. Workshop it and/or conduct research to identify the pain points your technology can distinctively solve. You could have that sorted already, but the real work comes in as you define a set of messages that highlights your differentiator, but also importantly links to industry issues. Don’t short-cut that critical messaging stage and objectively consider if your existing messaging needs a refresh too.

Leverage Executive Thought Leadership

Build the profiles of the right executives and subject matter experts as forward-thinking, interesting and insightful. Work to develop relevant themes that connect to by-lined media articles, speaking opportunities, event and social media opportunities, to establish and build authority. Ensure your leaders are accessible and responsive to the media, analysts, industry bodies and other key influencers seeking perspectives on relevant industry topics.

Prioritise and Drive Targeted Outreach

Avoid spraying and praying. Carefully select media or analyst targets that reach your ideal personas at each stage of the sales process. With media, consider pitching niche publications initially that allow you room to dominate the conversation, and then evolve and customise your approach. Don’t be disheartened, as not every pitch or approach will succeed, so be prepared to learn and evolve.

Monitor Conversations and Insert Yourself > using different content formats

Use social listening tools to identify the right news, trends and regulatory discussions, so you can tap into relevant industry debates or breaking news moments. But, keep authentic to your position, as ‘ambulance-chasing’ will be spotted. Be helpful, responsive and provide insightful comments and resources rather than overt self-promotion.   Also, do use different and engaging content formats like video case studies, infographics, interactive short videos and animations. Test different short-forms and snackable assets for social sharing to keep it fresh and lively.

In summary, earning and maintaining brand attention can take time, but with a targeted, relevant, creative and authentic approach, tech brands can develop mindshare, authority and cut-through even in noisy markets. Patience and consistency is key, but it’s all very doable.  

So, do you want to discuss how best to cut through the noise together?

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