Progressive technology & B2B firms recognise that their prospective buyers are far more sophisticated than before.

They are assessing your digital footprint, before you’ve even met. Data from Forbes found that 78% of salespeople using social media to sell, out performed those who weren’t. This has big implications for marketing and PR teams, in supporting this evolving sales function. Smaller and forward thinking firms can have a distinct advantage over their larger competitors. Here are ‘some’ basic tips on how to maximise the potential.

Audience Focus:

Take time to consider who your audience really are and where they are likely to be, across the numerous social platforms. This takes some work, but it is important. Don’t be tempted to spread yourself too thinly across all channels, and be everywhere at once. Start small and do it right – then build from there.

Valuable Content:

The business narrative has moved from product benefits to value provided. Across your audience, do a little research to assess what they value, the market & competitive context and how your proposition can add value. Focus your messaging around how you solve business problems, not the speed of your widgets.

Take a Position:

Linked to the above, position yourself as an expert in your field or take on a more challenger or niche role. You should be creating new, content and highlighting new initiatives or thinking. Or take a different slant on an existing client problem.

Build relationships:

This is a tough one, but as in normal life, this takes time and effort. Find out what your customers want and where are their pain points. Be honest and try not to be ‘too marketing’. If you can’t help them, perhaps you know somebody that can? The greater the engagement, the better it will be for your brand and sales efforts.

Keep Track:

Once you’ve got the basics in place, you need to monitor progress and quantify it, as best you can. There are tools available, in assessing what this social activity is actually doing for the business from social metrics up to sales.

There are no sure-fire answers, but if you are not part of the right conversations, in the right places, your competitors no doubt will be. Get going and re-focus, to help your brand and sales grow.