The power of ChatGPT (and the like) has been spoken and written about everywhere and by everyone. And by now, we’ve all heard about the good, bad -and of course ‘the ugly,’ like the warning from global tech leaders that the technology could lead to the extinction of humanity.

How very like Star Trek that sounds.

However, putting aside the existential risk to humanity for now, what about the impact on tech brands, marketeers and senior comms professionals? For sure, AI is set to impact the way we all work as marketers, as it presents both opportunities and risks.

As other PR experts also say: there are risks around accuracy, bias, copyright, danger and ethics – but we’re advising clients and partners to embrace the technology, as there will be a raft of comms / PR areas where it can add value.

However, on the content development and social media side, ChatGPT and its competitors, whilst helpful on research and initial copy development, simply does not possess the human context, emotional punch and the authentic creativity of an experienced human writer – or a truly sentient being!

That means you, your team and comms agency partner must remain very much involved. You still need to work hard to create solid thought-leadership copy that a) stands out b) cuts through the noise and c) articulates what makes your brand and solution unique and compelling.

Despite the pressure to cut costs, delegating this important content activity to AI just won’t cut it.

To see why, download our Free 12-Point Comms Guide for ambitious and growing tech firms to get a better perspective on planning an effective B2B high-tech software and services comms programme.

We are still learning about how AI can help the PR profession, but we’d be interested to hear your thoughts and experiences, so do get in touch. In the meantime, have a great summer planning your PR programmes!