Top Tips To Embrace European Technology Analysts

Industry analysts play an important and often underappreciated role in validating and
endorsing your vision, strategy, technology proposition and road-map. While analyst
relations is critical on a global scale, UK and European based analysts also deserve
dedicated focus as tech firms scale across the region.

European analysts act as key influencers during the IT purchasing process. IT
decision makers routinely consult analyst research and perspectives to guide their
spending. It’s not critical to have paid relationships with all the firms, but it’s essential
to brief European analysts from the ‘big dog’ firms, as well as the boutique analysts
in the region.

When managed strategically, analyst relations can lend third-party validation from
these respected experts, and if all goes well, will confirm your value proposition and
help accelerate the sales cycle. And, when analysts disagree with you, they will say
so, and those insights are like gold-dust!

Every AR plan is different, but do consider a phased approach that includes the

  • A situational analysis to map existing global and European analyst relationships
  • Identification and research of the most appropriate target analysts
  • Assessment and clarification of your vision, strategy, proposition, technology
    road-map, competitive USPs and European business momentum plans/evidence
  • Develop the right analyst presentation (with clarification of what’s under NDA)
  • Ensure that your executives are prepared, briefed and coached on delivery
  • Stay engaged with analysts with regular business updates
  • Consider paid relationships, where they are mutually beneficial (and affordable)
  • Perform periodic perception audits to assess progress
  • Continue to monitor the impact of the analyst programme

Analysts offer market intelligence and will identify gaps and opportunities for your
company and message, so ignore their feedback at your peril.

In today’s competitive B2B technology landscape, European industry analysts are a
vital but sometimes underappreciated audience. A strategic approach in the region
can illicit valuable insights, lend validation, build advocacy, encourage buyer trust
and shorten that sales cycle.

So, what are you waiting for?

And, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your Comms Strategy and/or Industry Analyst Relations programme.