Olivier Mythodrama

Growing authentic leadership


Olivier Mythodrama (OMA) is one of the boardroom’s best friends. It uses the power of drama for transformative leadership training. Its authentic training approach is based on mythology and Shakespeare’s plays. The challenge it faced was that – despite having an impressive client roster – many HR teams and C-level executives were unaware of OMA and the benefits of mythodramatic training.


We developed an effective influencer relations campaign that targeted senior decision makers in HR responsible for procuring C-level executive training. This involved researching, defining and executing OMA’s social media and media strategy. It included smart engagement across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, training OMA’s executive team about social media best practice; as well as creating an effective media programme, all of which supported the brand’s positioning.


The team achieved several successes, within the first few months of the project. Based on an organic programme only, across Twitter, we’ve already seen positive growth and engagement, with a follower increase of 25% along with over 500 community engagements from a relative standing start. LinkedIn, a more challenging platform, has also seen some initial uplift with a 5% increase in page followers, and over 110 total engagements; Facebook has achieved a total reach of of nearly 13,000. From a media perspective, quality media coverage on the topic of: ‘authentic leadership’ was achieved in: HR Magazine, HR Grapevine, HR Zone, Training Zone and Recruitment International. All of these project metrics are currently being analysed with Google analytics, to assess impact of traffic to OMA’s website and the direct sales impact of the programme.